HiTone Languages, founded in Nanjing, China in 2004 by Liu Jianfeng, is a professional and well-established translation and voice-over services provider in most Asian languages, including Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

We believe that translation is not merely conversion of text, but passing the real idea of our clients on to their target audience, to achieve full communications between them. Each of our selected translators possesses necessary expertise background and language skills, as well as rich translation experiences. By following our effective and strict workflow, our senior facilitators help to build project-specific translation teams and facilitate communications and sharing among our translators and our clients. Therefore, you can expect high quality translations within the specified timeframe at a competitive rate from us.

Besides text, we can also make use of voices to express your idea vividly and impressively. That is our voice-over services. Our voice talents come from different countries and regions around the world. They speak their native languages fluently, naturally and nicely. With our excellent voice-overs and professional studio, we have successfully completed thousands of recording tasks for our clients around the world.

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